Welcome to UTB Records, a small independent label based out of Nashville, Tennessee. UTB Records was founded in 2017 by Trace Foster (Aerosmith, AC/DC, Keith Urban) with the single goal of creating music that is real and meaningful.  To achieve that, UTB Records’ philosophy focuses on artist development.  As Trace explains, “I wanted to bring back elements of the 1970’s where bands were able to actually find their voice without accountants standing over their shoulders adding up the cost.” By doing everything in-house, UTB Records allows artists to grow and find their voice at their own pace. We don’t rush anything. We let it evolve. We don’t put out music that isn’t ready.

Letters from Jett (Southern Rock/Country) is UTB Records’ first artist.  Their CD, “Heartbreaks and Hangovers”, released in 2018, sets the bar fairly high. The CD took eight months from beginning to end.  “This is the perfect example of what we do. This band had the talent but just needed time and nurturing to get the most out of the music.” And the critics agree that the results were worth it:  Heartbreaks and Hangovers is “one of the best catalogs of music that I have heard in years” and “as perfect of a southern rock album that I’ve ever heard.” Seth Jones and the Upward
Mia Celeste (Singer Songwriter) is UTB Records’ second artist. “We just started working with her and she is gonna turn some heads. This girl is the real deal and has her own unique voice and style that will be very appealing to the masses”. Look for a 2019 release date for her debut CD.
Joshua Rogers (Contemporary Christian) is UTB Records’ newest artist.  His inspiring debut single, “The River,” released in 2019, is already receiving rave reviews and airplay. 
If you are interested in learning more about the UTB label or possibly becoming part of the UTB family, drop us an email at contact@utbrecords.com.